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International topos theory conference – Mondovì (3-11 September 2024)

It is the theme of toposes which is this “bed”, or this “deep river”, in which come to be married geometry and algebra, topology and arithmetic, mathematical logic and category theory, the world of the continuous and that of the “discontinuous” or “discrete” structures.
It is what I have conceived of most broad, to perceive with finesse, by the same language rich of geometric resonances, an “essence” which is common to situations
most distant from each other, coming from one region or another
of the vast universe of mathematical things.

A. Grothendieck

As can be understood from the words of Alexander Grothendieck (1928 – 2014), inventor of the concept of topos, topos theory can be considered a unifying subject in mathematics.

The event Toposes in Mondovì (3-11 September 2024) represents the fourth edition of the world conference on topos theory, which takes place every three years. The main objective of this conference series is to celebrate the unifying power and interdisciplinary applications of toposes and to encourage further developments in this spirit, by promoting exchanges between researchers from different branches of mathematics who use toposes in their work and by training a new generation of expert scholars.

The format of the event is similar to that of the other three editions: it will begin with a 4-day school, which will offer introductory courses for students and mathematicians who are not yet familiar with topos theory, and will continue with a 3-day conference with invited talks on the subject by internationally renowned experts and short presentations by young scholars whose contributions will be selected by the conference Scientific Committee.

Fields Medalists Alain Connes, Laurent Lafforgue and Maxim Kontsevich, who sit in on the Scientific Council of the Grothendieck Institute, will also participate in the event, giving courses and lectures.

For more information and registration, visit the event website.

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