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Fernando Zalamea appointed as the Coordinator of CSG

The Grothendieck Institute is glad to announce the appointment of Prof. Fernando Zalamea as the new Coordinator of the Centre for Grothendieckian Studies (CSG), starting from 1 April 2024. Born in Colombia in 1959, Zalamea is Professor of Mathematics at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. After his PhD in category theory and recursivity theory (University of Massachusetts, 1990, under the guidance of Ernest Manes), Prof. Zalamea has been working in alternative logics, Peirce and Lautman studies, and the philosophy of modern and contemporary mathematics. He is the author of thirty books on cultural, philosophical and mathematical studies. His book Grothendieck. Una guía a la obra matemática y filosófica (2019, 618 pp.) is the first comprehensive guide to Grothendieck’s published work. Zalamea has been included among the 100 Global Minds. The Most Daring Cross-Disciplinary Thinkers in the World (Roads 2015).

Fernando Zalamea comments: “It is a pleasure and an honour to contribute to the Centre for Grothendieckian Studies, which is expected to become a reference centre on Grothendieck’s work in the next decade. As the Coordinator of CSG, I hope to contribute to the development of three main academic lines; firstly, to support the activities of the research centre (symposia, articles, monographs), promoting a varied understanding of Alexander Grothendieck’s heritage; secondly, to develop an editorial programme coordinating transcriptions of Grothendieck’s unpublished manuscripts, whether mathematical, literary, philosophical or sociological; thirdly, to work on the creation of a biannual journal, the Quaderni del Centro di Studi Grothendieckiani (QCSG), dedicated to central themes of Grothendieck’s work. Further, I will soon donate my Grothendieckian library (around 70 books dedicated exclusively to him) to the Grothendieck Institute, to start building a material resource that will complement the extremely important CSG website (soon to be published), the realisation of which is due to Mateo Carmona, under the guidance of Olivia Caramello”.

We give a most cordial welcome to Fernando and wish him every success in his new role.

From the same date, Mateo Carmona will assume the role of Archivist and Manager of the Centre’s website.

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