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Centre for Grothendieckian Studies

The Centre for Grothendieckian Studies (CSG) is devoted to honouring the memory of Alexander Grothendieck, one of the greatest mathematicians of the 20th century, through extensive work aimed at valorising his work and disseminating his ideas to the general public.

The CSG is engaged in historical research and editorial work aimed at facilitating the publication of Grothendieck’s many unpublished writings and encouraging the creation of new editions of his already published works, as well as their translation into different languages.

The CSG is also committed to stimulating a philosophical and interdisciplinary reflection on the issues Grothendieck addressed in his scholarly work, and to disseminating these ideas to a wide and varied audience, both in the sciences and the humanities, in order to create new connections between different fields of knowledge.

A topic of particular interest to the CSG is the ethics and sociology of science, already central to Grothendieck’s thought and highly relevant to today’s society.

Ce qui fait la qualité de l’inventivité et de l’imagination du chercheur, c’est la qualité de son attention, à l’écoute de la voix des choses. Car les choses de l’Univers ne se lassent jamais de parler d’elles-mêmes et de se révéler, à celui qui se soucie d’entendre.