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The foundation

The Grothendieck Institute is an international foundation devoted to cutting-edge research in mathematics and its interactions with other disciplines. Established in 2022 and based in Mondovì (Italy), the Institute is a non-profit organisation registered at RUNTS (Unique National Registry of the Third Sector) and the ANR (National Registry of Research).

Its main focus is interdisciplinarity, with particular reference to the development of unifying methods, both within mathematics and in relation to other areas of knowledge. In addition, the Institute aims to honour the figure of the great mathematician Alexander Grothendieck, after whom it is named, through studies, including humanistic ones, aimed at valorising his work and developing his cultural heritage at large.

The Institute pursues its mission notably through its research centres, devoted to specific themes of particular relevance, and by collaborating with academic institutions and scientific associations which share its interests. It also offers doctoral studentships and research fellowships to outstanding young scholars selected by its Scientific Council, which includes among its members three Fields Medalists.