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Mondovì is a beautiful town located in Piedmont, northern Italy, in the Langhe territory, close to the French border, about 80 km from the city of Turin and at 80 km from the Ligurian sea.

Mondovì was founded on a hilltop in 1198 as an independent ‘comune‘ (township). It continued to grow until the 16th century when it became the largest city in Piedmont. In 1537 it was occupied by France, under which it mostly remained until 1559. In 1560, Emmanuel Philibert, Duke of Savoy restored it to Piedmont, which held it until the Italian unification, apart from the Napoleonic period (1796–1814).

Mondovì has been known as the ‘City of Studies’ since the period from 1560 to 1566, when the city was the seat of Piedmont’s first university with the right to confer degrees in various disciplines.

Today Mondovì is the seats of several academic and cultural institutions, including, besides the Grothendieck Institute, the internationally acclaimed baroque orchestra and musical university Academia Montis Regalis, the Polytechnic University of Turin (secondary pole) and the Arts University Academia Cirko Vertigo.

The lower and the upper part of the town are connected by a funicular.